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Driver rescues family from burning car in Saudi Arabia

Manama: A Pakistani expatriate working in Saudi Arabia has been honoured by the Governor of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia for rescuing a family from their burning car.

Prince Saud Bin Nayef praised Mohammad Mansoor for his courage and selflessness that prompted him into action and save lives, saying that both Saudi citizens and expatriate residents were partners in protecting people and property.

Prince Saud offered Mohammad a gift and a trip to Makkah to perform pilgrimage this year, Saudi news site Sabq reported.

Witnesses said that the car of the family erupted in fire following a traffic accident. Mohammad, who was reportedly driving a water truck, jumped to assist the family, took them out and provided first aid. He also used the truck hose to put out the fire, Saudi news site Sabq reported late on Monday.

Online readers hailed Mohammad’s bravura and heaped praise on him. They also thanked the governor for his “gracious gesture” and his decision to honour him.

“He truly deserves to be warmly applauded and richly rewarded for his courage and quick thinking,” Patriot said.

“In a world where people, in the case of an incident, rush to their mobiles to take pictures or Snapchat clips to show off for their friends and followers, Mohammad singled himself out by braving the heat and dangers to rescue a family facing imminent death,” Hassan, another user, said. “He is a fine example of the people who are driven by their humanity and compassion, not by material gain or frivolous acts.”

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