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Fighting Rape In India: Power Girls

Power Girl : FIghting against RapeThe young women of the Red Brigade are fighting back against sexual harassment and rape in India.




Some audience even come forward to support these girls both financially and morally

How can we support these girls ? Their message really touched me, and I’d love to know if in anyway we can help from abroad  — Alexander N

Some encourage these girls and given priority on famous activist like Anita Sarkeesian

This is true feminism; this is what it means to fight for womens rights. Anita Sarkeesian and all those other twitter feminist who claims to fight for womens rights, you do no such thing. — Sakie

Other has encourge there bravery , courage ….

WOW!?! 9:36 of bravery, courage, justice and just pure heart. Makes me smile seeing both sexes signing the petition.

Few other salute this girls

love it, and salute u ladies!!!! — Renata

Few other top Comments

So shameful watching those hideous men in the beginning justifying rape. If its 1am its ok. Horrible. — Dream Warrior

One of the most disturbing things about this video (other than the incidents) is the guy essentially justifying and down playing the gang rape and murder of the young female by asking is it right for a girl to go to the movies at 1am. Its this kind of attitude which needs addressing first and foremost, this idea of ‘oh well her dress was short’ ‘oh well she was walking alone at night’ that its to be accepted that some vile excuse for a man can decide he is going to do what he likes because shes ‘asking for it’. Disgusting! I wish all these girls well and hopefully other females and males will join and take action against this. I know the Gulabi Gang are doing great things over there in India, Its just such a hard job when the government and police are so corrupt. — Youtube Comment

That older guy who was saying only beating the men would work. That just says the extremity of the problem. The rapists SHOULD GET DRAGGED ONTO THE STREET AND BEATEN BY A COUSIN. Power to those girls! –Lydia



Learn more about the filmmaker of Power Girls, Jayisha Patel: http://www.jayishapatel.com/

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