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Hyderabad: ‘No cash on ATMs’ and ATM transaction is chargeable.

Hyderabad:  After the demonetization, the rules of RBI for withdrawing cash from ATMs changed. Earlier, there was no limit on the number of transactions from ATMs but now according to RBI directive, more than 3 transactions in metros and 5 in non-metros are chargeable.

RBI had already imposed restrictions on number of transactions from ATMs. Now, no cash in ATMs are creating problems to common people. Even if there is no withdrawal, it is considered as transaction thereby exhausting the free transaction of the customers. After free transactions, ATM transaction is chargeable.

According to the report published in DC, one customer,

Mr. K. Madhusudhanachari from Dilsukhnagar talking about the difficulties, said that 12 ATMs on the stretch from Moosarambagh junction to the Saibaba Temple at Dilsukhnagar were out of cash for 10 days.  He told, “Whenever I swiped the card at an ATM, I got a message from my banker SBH that one free transaction was completed against the five allowed. Without withdrawing a single rupee, I lost all my free transactions”.

Clarifying this issue, the bankers held ATM re-fillers responsible for this problem.

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