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FTW to purifiy Neknampur lake in Hyderabad.

‘Floating treatment wetland’ (FTW) to purify Neknampur Lake in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is India’s largest ‘floating treatment wetland’.

It will use hydroponics to clean up the water body. It was inaugurated on February 2 on World Wetlands Day.

FTW consists plants like vetivers, canna, cattalis, bulrush, citronella, hibiscus, fountain grass, flowering herbs, tulsi, and ashwagandha. It acts as cleaning agents. These plants will clean the lake by absorbing nutrients.

It is a joint effort of Dhruvansh (an NGO), the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, the Ranga Reddy district administration and other organisations.

It has been recognised by the India Book of Records as the largest FTW in the country.

About Neknampur Lake:

Neknampur Lake is home to hundreds of species of birds, plants, mammals, and reptiles.



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