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Kitchen Organization Ideas- Kitchen Storage Ideas

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In this video, we will be sharing  few tips to organise your kitchen. which can turn your kitchen super organised and easy to work on daily basis.
1. Use stair organiser to keep spices and condiments. This organiser keeps all the bottles visible and organised.
2. For top shelves of the cupboard where mostly our hands don’t reach use lazy Susan.
3. Get revolving Spice rack to save space.
4. Use Spice container to keep all daily need spices, salt and masalas.
5. Use Corner Shelve organiser to keep your Non-stick and Tawas segregated.
6. Get Plastic laundry basket to keep your monthly groceries.
7. Use folding rack plate organiser to utilise vertical space efficiently.
8. Similarly, over the cabinet baskets help to utilise vertical space efficiently.
9. Use corner shelve organiser to keep crockery. It fits perfectly in the corner of the cupboard and again helps saving vertical space and keep things segregated.
10. Get mesh magazine holder to keep chopping boards and trays.
11. Keep small baskets and holders to organise your snack cupboard. Categorise items and place them in baskets.
12. Always use cubical shape food containers instead of round shape. By using cubical shape containers, it is easy to stack on top of each other and it saves front and side space also.
13. Keep plastic, glass and steel food storage boxes on top of each other with the lid on as when in need you don’t have to fiddle around to find the exact lid of the container.
14. Get section box to keep miscellaneous small items like candles, food sticks, pizza seasoning and ketchup pouches. It will help to keep your drawer organised and items will remain segregated.
15. Must haves in the kitchen are these Ziploc bags and clips. Ziploc bags will help food stay fresh and these clips are very useful to tie opened snack packets and bread.
16. Get a small whiteboard in the kitchen to write your grocery and vegetable shopping list.
17. Get carry bag dispenser to store all those small poly bags which comes with the vegetable, fruits and grocery shopping.
18. Get over the cabinet rack to keep your cleaning supplies. It can be easily fit any cabinet and can be shifted anywhere as per the requirement.
19. Get plastic drawer system to keep small kitchen items segregated.

Products mentioned in this video:
Corner Steel Plate Rack – http://tinyurl.com/kcah4gx
Plastic folding Rack- http://tinyurl.com/hdc5fnz
Kitchen Cupboard Stair Organizer- http://tinyurl.com/hpfnbwc
Revolving Spice Rack- http://tinyurl.com/jheeygm
Lazy Susan- http://tinyurl.com/lp3hqns
Spice container- http://tinyurl.com/jtyqh47
Under shelf basket wire rack- http://tinyurl.com/jehthu9
Mesh magazine holder – http://tinyurl.com/z3stp6q
Modular drawer system- http://tinyurl.com/hke7lpv
Vegetable Ziploc bags- http://tinyurl.com/hoclehu
Vegetable net bags – http://tinyurl.com/kew783r
Snack pack clips- http://tinyurl.com/jggkc5f
Plastic Bags Dispenser (White)- http://tinyurl.com/gnasthc
Whiteboard- http://tinyurl.com/k342z6q
Over the cabinet basket- http://tinyurl.com/mohob85

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