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CM of Rajasthan and PM of India get mocked for keeping mum on cow vigilante terrorism and tweeting baout stickholm attack

PM Narendra Modi tweets about everything on this planet including wishing people on their birthdays, remember people on their death anniversaries, retweeting other people’s tweets during campaigns like #SelfieWithDaugther and #SwachhBharat, condemning terror attacks in other countries and more. However, when it comes to certain domestic issues when condemnation from …

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Kitchen Organization Ideas- Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Organizer -- Indian

In this video, we will be sharing  few tips to organise your kitchen. which can turn your kitchen super organised and easy to work on daily basis. 1. Use stair organiser to keep spices and condiments. This organiser keeps all the bottles visible and organised. 2. For top shelves of …

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Kerala Elections : Food a personal choice — Venkaiah Naidu

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu

Food is a personal choice but one should avoid consuming what is restricted in the Constitution, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said today. “Aapko jo khana hain voh khao…par jo samvidhan main prohibited hain usko mat khaon (One can eat his food of choice, but avoid eating that food which …

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