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Pehlu khan case : accused get clean chit even after video evidence

The attackers reportedly allowed the driver, Arjun, to leave the scene while they kept on beating the others, who were muslims.

Five of them had to be taken to the hospital, where Pehlu Khan breathed his last.

22-year-old Azmat, who was travelling in the same pickup truck with Khan, told The Indian Express, “We were returning from a Saturday fair in Jaipur. I had bought two milch cows for Rs 75,000, and I had all the valid documents with me. We were not even trying to hide the cows, as we were taking them in a pick-up truck. At around 6 pm on Saturday, the Gau Rakshaks stopped our vehicle and asked us our names. They allowed our driver, Arjun, to leave.”

He added that the attackers took Rs 35,000 from him, saw all the documents they were carrying but then pulled them out of the vehicle and started beating up.

Making recreation of brutality, the attackers had asked Khan to run because he was old. Then they again chased him down and beat him up.  The other injured along with Azmat — Irshad, Aarif, Rafiq — alleged that they had returned to Nuh soon as they didn’t get proper care at the Kailash Hospital in Behror. They allege that even Khan’s death happened somewhat due to medical negligence as all of the hospital staff were looking down at them.

The video of the brutality circulated all over social media like wildfire but the police took their time with making any arrests. However, the police registered an FIR against the victims for illegally transporting cattle for slaughter based on a complaint filed by a man named Damodar.

According to The Hindu, the CID-CB came to this conclusion on the basis of the mobile phone call data records and the statements of employees of a gaushala situated 4 km away from the crime scene.

Police have since arrested half-a-dozen other persons on the basis of video footage of the incident, but most of them have been released on bail.

Human rights groups have criticised the move, saying it shows blatant bias on part of the authorities. The People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), which spearheaded a campaign for getting justice in the case, accused the police of trying to protect the accused.

They say that they will now approach the court to expose the illegality and complacency of the police action.

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